Unique Diwali Gifts For Employees and Coworkers

Unique Diwali Gifts For Employees and Coworkers

September 26, 2022

Unique Diwali Gifts For Employees and Coworkers

Office celebrations during the festive season are rather common in businesses all over the world. Everyone creates lifelong memories at these events, whether they are themed festivities or informal get-togethers.

What could be a better way to motivate your staff at this time than by providing them with thoughtful Diwali gifts? They would not only cherish them with great affection, but it would also plant seeds of optimism within them.

Diwali Gifts for Employees

Diwali is a festive season where we share happiness with both our family and our coworkers at the office. It’s the ideal opportunity to express our gratitude for all of the hard work put in by the company’s associates and employees.

Your employees will be thrilled with Diwali presents including Diwali hampers, appreciation notes, and more. Numerous possibilities exist for businesses to select gifts that fit their corporate gifting budget. There is a wide choice of high-end merchandise available for 500, 1000, and 2000 rupees, respectively.

Corporate Diwali Gifting

The following is a list of some of the top 2022 employee Diwali gift suggestions:

Diwali gifts for employees under 500 INR:

  • Optimal thermo-steel
  • Notebook and pen for diaries
  • Pencil and phone holder
  • Mouse pads
  • Cookies and cards for Diwali
  • Customised and distinctive mugs, lamps, and phone cases.

Employee Diwali Gifts Under 1000 INR:

  • Gift baskets filled with items like exotic teas, health beverages, cakes, and cookies;
  • Backpacks
  • Laptop Sleeves
  • Gadget Organizers
  • Smart WIFI Plug
  • Personalised and distinctive mugs, lights, and phone covers;
  • USB Planner Diary

Employee Diwali Gifts Under 2000 INR

  • Bluetooth voice-activated headphones,
  • Earpods,
  • power bank, and wireless Fuzo

Gift Idea 1: USB Planner Diary 

Employees can use this promotional USB planner diary to schedule tasks, brainstorm ideas, and record meeting minutes. It contains compartments for keeping business cards and a pen holder. The ability of the USB planner diary to display the USB Pen drive on a projector during meetings and presentations is its most astonishing feature.

There are various colors available. It has a cover that may be altered. In this manner, the employee’s preferences can be taken into account while customizing the journal. Additionally, it can be printed with the name of the employee, the company logo, and particular artwork.

USB Planner Diary for Corporate gifting

Gift Idea 2: Personalized Employee Diwali Gift Hampers

Choose a gift basket for a rejuvenating and calming evening after a long day of work. It can include a variety of tea sets, dry fruits and healthy snacks.

Teas made from herbs have a calming and calming influence on the mind. Herbal tea is another option for employees to relax while at work. Employee engagement will rise along with workplace effectiveness.

Another option is the gift basket called Food of the Gods, which is filled with healthful deliciousness like hand-made happiness bars, dried fruits, and other goodies.

Personalized Employee hampers for corporate gifting

Gift Idea 3: Corporate Gift Cards

For businesses who don’t have the time or want to put out the effort, gift cards are the greatest solution. Any well-known retailer, like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, etc., offers gift cards for purchase. The flexibility of gift cards makes them the ideal present for employees. A further benefit is that gift cards have a lifetime validity and can be used at any time in the future.

Gift card for Corporate gifting

Gift Idea 4: Laptop Bags

Customized laptop bags can make the ideal staff present from companies. It is ideal for both new hires and senior staff, making it the ideal Diwali present to keep them around.

The distinctive laptop bags stand out from the competition because they are made to the employees’ preferences. If necessary, the bags can also be personalized with the name and logo of the business, the name of the employee, and other artwork.

Laptop bags for Corporate gifting

Gift Idea 5: Notebooks, Pens and Organizers

Employees may like receiving stationery for Diwali in the shape of notebooks, pens, and other items. This is due to the fact that stationery gifts can benefit recipients both at work and at home. This is a good option for organization with flexible spending limits. It is also the ideal gift for new hires because they will benefit greatly from it.

The nicest thing about Regalos stationery is that it can be personalized with the business name, corporate logo, and the recipient’s name.

Notebooks, Pens and Organizers for Corporate gifting

Bring on the Diwali Cheer

One of the best occasions for businesses to express gratitude to their staff for their commitment and labor is Diwali. Since workers spend a large portion of their day at work, celebrating Diwali with special gifts fosters a sense of community and trust.

Giving out corporate gifts at this time is a great way to boost workplace excitement and engagement. Employee motivation improves performance, which benefits the company they work for. So, this Diwali, show your staff that you care by giving them meaningful presents that they will treasure forever

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