How to Customize a New Employee Welcome Kit

How to Customize a New Employee Welcome Kit

April 28, 2022

Road map for planning a welcome kit

  • Personalization of gifts for an Individual Employee
  • The cost involved in manufacturing corporate gifts in India without compromising quality
  • Reason for Gifting
  • Unique Gifting
  • Corporate Gifts that are Aligned with company goals 
  • Welcome Back to Office Kit    

We have a wide choice of corporate gift options for every budget at Regalos. There will be something to suit your needs at any pricing range, whether your organization is tiny or large-scale, with varied price points to fulfill everyone’s wants. If this seems like exactly what your organization requires, put your order on our website today so that we can deliver heartfelt customized presents as soon as feasible.

Personalization of gifts for an Individual Employee

If there are many items given to an employee in a gift set some items must carry personalization in the gift example a Handwritten-note can be given to an employee and other items like a t-shirt or apparel can contain the name of the employee so the gift has a personal touch.

Cost of Manufacturing without loss of Quality

When it comes to Manufacturing if cost is reduced the quality will also reduce a corporate gifting company as Regalos India will know from where to source the right quality of products at a lower cost this is a primary reason to approach a corporate gifting company instead of directly sourcing the products.

Reason for Gifting 

The reason for gifting may vary for different occasions in a work environment here the reason is gifting for welcoming the employee back to the office here are a few items which can be given to welcome employees to the office like flasks, bottle, pen, diary, Pendrive, Handwritten welcome card, and many other items 

Unique Corporate Gifts

There are certain unique corporate gifts that can be given to employees example tech boxes, warm wishes packs, Eco-friendly packs, and E-gifts, therefore, it’s important for an HR manager to find out unique ways to gift employees.

Corporate gifts aligned with company goals 

Some corporate gifts can be aligned with a company’s goals for example a company might involve in corporate social responsibility IT can gift its employees with eco-friendly gifts to its clients so the goal of CSR is achieved by giving Eco-friendly corporate gifts.

Welcome Back to Office Kit

The intention of a Welcome back kit is to increase the enthusiasm for any employee to get back to the office therefore changing the interior of the office to welcome back might also work for a company, here the HR can decide to get office items as gifts like desktop accessories, caricature, dairy, clock, keyboard, and other office items.

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